Runners in the middle of the road

(Bhaltair Gruamach [DIRT]) #1

Did the runner’s path recently change? I ran over about 20 of them in half a lap of Watopia’s Flat Route. They were all running down the middle of the lane. Seems like they used to run on the shoulder…?

(Paul) #2

Bl00dy runners, think they own the roads… :yum:

(Bhaltair Gruamach [DIRT]) #3

Well… Since this got moved from Feedback to Bugs and Support, I guess it’s a bug.

(Jason) #4

I noticed my avatar moved to the middle of the road when I run at 10 mph or faster. I started laughing that I had to stop thinking what people on their bike will be thinking. I guess it is a bug that will be fix and keep us on the shoulder.