Swerving left and right

Running a 10k race tonight - SO MUCH swerving/lurching to the left and to the right. It was impossible to watch the screen without becoming seasick.

And also, I was swerving out to the left - into the path of cyclists coming up behind me.

I had to finish to race staring at my shoes. Just awful.

Any way to stop this?

as far as i know for runner this swerving left and right only happened after the june update and only affect if you are in a workout mode but it won’t affect if you choose a normal run. nothing much we can do until zwift issue a fix to this…

That means no races for me then until it’s fixed.

race should be ok as long as it’s not in a workout mode format…

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Are you running in a pack of people? I ran 21km on zwift today both watopia and 10k event and didn’t experience the motion you’ve described. I did however, run most of it alone…