Avatar deliberately runs over stopped cyclists!

The other day, just riding my on my own, I came across a cyclist stopped in the middle of the road. My avatar swerved and ran right through them! Not too many other riders around so there was plenty of space to go round them. Anyone else noticed this behavior?

Were you using a TT bike at the time?

I think it is because the game tries to grab the draft from them, I have seen it happen several times.

I was wondering why that happens. Going for the draft makes some sense. My avatar seems to hate people who stop, and swerves just to hit them. Maybe I can give them a ride on so they don’t feel bad about being splattered.

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I don’t really understand why it happens on TT bikes mind you

I think it happens because they are trying to go around the outside and if they are too close it runs through them.

:rofl: It can be annoying at times when you ride through bridge supports, etc. but the fact that Zwift defies the law of superposition gives us moments like these. Thanks for the laugh!

No, I’m on a tarmac.

It is pretty funny!

You probably won’t believe this. Even I had a hard time when I saw it. I was sitting on side of road getting ready to start a ride, when a rider came by on my left and he had another rider hooked up to his front wheel (as if he had t-boned him) and was seemingly stuck together, pushing down the road.

I do wonder if one of the programmers is monkeying around with aggression, not just because of this, but because I seemingly get visibly nudged a lot more by faster riders when they go by. I mean they actually effect my rider and make him jerk a little to the right as if he got hit.