Run Pace Partners Multpliers?

Since the latest Zwift update yesterday, has anyone run with a Run Pace Partner? And if so, does it reward runners with the drops multipliers in the same fashion as the Bike Pace Partners?

At the moment Zwift Running does not award Drops for Running. You may accumulate them in the background (no one knows for sure), but you cannot use Drops for anything to do with Running.

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OK thanks. I like that the update included something for runners. I’m hoping for more enhancements in the future, like your mentioned drops not having relevance for unlocking running gear or upgrades. I new to bike and run in Zwift, so I’ll gladly take the run drops and apply them to biking upgrades for now.

Are they already in this version? It said " FutureWorks Run Pace Partners will hit Watopia next week." and I haven’t been able to see them :thinking:

Because they are released next week.

Ja alalaka :grinning:

Yes I know that, as per my post stating “will hit Watopia next week”. My question was a response to the OP asking if anybody had run with a pace partner.