Buy a bike with drops end spend to a Zwift-Friend?

It would be great if I could buy a bike with my drops and give it to a good Zwift friend as a gift.
Could this not be done?
It would be great, if I could make a gift to a good friend!
Please make this possible!

Exchange of digital goods would encourage farming and a real world marketplace for Drops. I suspect Zwift would want to avoid that.


But of course the thread high lights the bigger question:
What are we going to do with all these drops?
I ride with the Pace partners because I like the pace of the group not to gain more lousy drops that I can’t use.
I’ve seen discussions about how successful the pace partners are at keeping a group together because of the drop multiplier.
I don’t think that’s the case.
Groups fly off of Coco all the time and set their own pace, groups don’t fly away from the B and A bots because the pace is already high.
The most interaction I’ve had with the multiplier was Halloween when I got the costume but that is regarded as the worst experience for many!
Since I’m not yet level 50, I would like a XP multiplier but for those over 50, they’re in the same boat.