Run pace for short people in Zwift

I’m running in Zwift at 4.0 pace on my treadmill with my stryd pod on my shoe. I’m olympic walking / jog walk running as I approach 4.0. But my avatar does not start running until 4.3! My legs are short and I don’t see a way to have the avatar run when I am running at 4.0.
Is 4.3 set in stone for everyone??? Holy cow!

Yes the walk - run threshold is the same for everyone. IIRC there are feature requests to change this as like you, some people are actually running at speeds lower than the trigger speed to run in Zwift.


I hope it changes. I’m in full gallop 3.9/4.0!!


Give it a few weeks and you’ll improve and be running at 4.3mph. Let it be inspiration for you to get quicker.


I moved from Zwift foot pod to the Runn sensor which is fixed on the treadmill and now it picks up from the slowest speed of 1-2mph. Although Stryd is an expensive piece of kit that offers a load more - I’d have it if I could afford it.

Me too! It is maddening when your avatar can’t decide if it is walking or running. I am 5’3” and can only comfortably run at 3.9 or 4.0, heck, I am honestly slow jogging ready to run at 3.8. It would be nice to adjust that, it wouldn’t affect anyone’s times.

I’m trying :sunglasses::+1:, my goal is to one day run comfortably at 4.5 or 5

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