Routes City v Country & Busy v Not Busy

Is there any interest in having country type routes v city? The worlds routes are NY and London / Richmond at the moment. I ride in the countryside and find doing workouts and city rides hectic and at times claustrophobic, particularly at peak hours. It’s overload.

Apart from Watopia is there an interest in having worlds that are more countryside? I enjoyed the recent France worlds.

Or even the ability to auto route on courses less busy?

If you’d like to ride on worlds which aren’t available on the main menu today, there are a couple of ways you can do that, and it’ll give you much quieter roads - here are a couple of helpful links:

As for countryside vs city routes - you’ve just got to pick the roads you like, and follow the routes that take your fancy each day.


Yorkshire, France and Insbruk are mostly Country.


Thank you Paul, you’d have thought the developers would have taken this on as a feature if people are hacking the files. I’ll give it a go, appreciate your time. I’ve actually left a training session before now it got so manic on the screen lol

I think the reason they don’t make it obvious is because they like to encourage a certain “social density” - to ensure there are always enough riders on a route to make it feel busy, like you’re not riding on your own. They want Zwift to be a social cycling platform, whereas other platforms allow you to ride anywhere in the world on your own.
Of course, this density isn’t an exact science because of differences in how busy it is at different times of day and year.

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