Fixed Worlds, Meet Ups & Data / Stats


I am a roadie with 25+ years exp, but new(er) to Zwift. I appreciate much of what the platform has to offer, particularly as a training enhancement. With that in mind, I hope you’ll consider the following constructive feedback…

1 - Worlds: I live in NYC and used to live in London. I’d like to have the option to have both of those cities as fixed worlds, along with Watopia. Honestly, having access to Innsbruck etc, does nothing for me (no offense, Austria). Not having regular, easy access to the places and rides I know, but having it to other places I know nothing about and have minimal interest in is actually a major turn-off, not a positive.

2 - Meetup - Building on the above…I can schedule a Meetup for NYC/London, to get where I want to go, but that requires the hassle of timing it, faux inviting at least one follower and potentially having to wait 10min to ride.

Enable customers to have easy access to the place(s) they want. Don’t make it hard. Routes “on demand.”

3 - Data / Stats - I realize certain segments are connected to Strava. But you should figure out a way Zwifters can easily, within Zwift, compare rides. For example if I ride the London Loop on a Wed and then do it again on Sat, there should be way to compare the two rides. Building on that I’d like to see how I do on the route over 3, 4 7, 10, etc rides. That’s useful data, and I would argue far more than my HR / Cadence / Power at any one point along a chart.

Lastly, at the risk of being a curmudgeon, I don’t care about levels or Tron bikes, etc. I’d be happy with a static jersey. I want to ride / train, measure and improve.

Welcome, Geoff!

What platform do you use to run Zwift? On Windows or Mac OS X, you can access any of the non-event worlds at any time. See

Zwift may not be the platform for you. Have you looked into Trainer Road?

Thanks, Jim.

I use Mac for Zwift. I spoke to Zwift customer service prior to my post. While very friendly, they of course didn’t mention the hack, simply it wasn’t possible.

Here’s an easier way to take advantage of the world tag hack, if you don’t mind installing software of potentially dubious provenance: