Route shortcuts across dirt, grass or through trees

In my last 1000 km of riding I have seen on at least 10 occasions people riding where there is no road. This includes multiple people at a time cutting across grass, riding right through trees and walls, on sidewalks, and down hills between hairpin turns. I’ve seen this in at least London and Watopia. During a ride one person chatted they saw someone ride off a cliff once.

Is this on purpose? An easter egg? A bug? If it is a bug, do the people riding see that they are off road?

I think it’s a bug. I don’t think the rider sees that. I was watching a friend ride and got a screenshot of them off the road. They had no idea! A few of us have seen bikes in the sky on the volcano climb too!
That said, a couple of years ago I was switching worlds to go to an event and my avatar ended up below the pier under the water, with lots of wooden pylons sticking down (presumably the pier). Most surreal! I wish I had screenshots of that!

Yeah it’s an easter egg, I could tell you how to access it but then I’d have to… well you know… :ghost:


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