Serpentine 8 mystery

Is there some place to go off road yet because there was MTB bikers coming out of the woods on the one section. Even did a U turn and went back and sure enough someone else came out, but there was no trail. What gives?

Sounds like a Zwift glitch to me. No, the only off-road trail is Repack Ridge, and that’s not in the jungle.

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Very occasionaly I get the odd cross country rider but they are so obviously not on a route that I realise what’s happened.

Many times, in different worlds, I’ve seen a glitch which makes it look as if someone flies out of a bush and onto the road. I see this most when there are lots of riders on a route - such as the start of TdZ stages.

Or are you saying that people are coming out of the recently-added Serpentine 8 route but you can’t access that on your version of Zwift? If that’s the case then you need to update to the latest version.

I’m sure it was just a glitch. I was fully updated, and it was recently-added Serpentine 8 route. I thought it was kinda odd when I saw the riders coming out, and I didn’t see a path. That’s why I turned around and stopped and two more riders came out. I started to laugh and thought maybe someone is making some unauthorized trails. HAHAHA!!
No biggie just kinda neat. Thanks for the replies.

haha … and mountain bikers would never do such a thing, right!