Route details in the Start Menu

(Tauseef Khan ACC) #1

Suggestion for Zwift regarding start menu. I was convincing my friend across the pond to get on zwift to do Box Hill and he had no clue which route to take.

Can we have each route’s details on the start screen like distance, elevation, route map so one can compare. And instead of drop down menus, which is so old school, can we have more intuitive selection menu.

Everyone else. Please vote up. 


(Gerrie Delport) #2

If you are looking for Information and printable maps visit this site:


It also has a lot of detail on the workouts.

(Paul Allen) #3

(luis velazco) #4

Who cares if this information is somewhere on the web?! It should be part of the app and easily accessible.

(Gerrie Delport) #5

I must say I prefer to have it on the web that way I can plan my next ride. When I wake up and get on my bike I already know what I am going to do, so i  can just start to exercise.


(Lennart Middel) #6

I agree with this one, I’m just starting out and its increadibly annoying that i dont know what the routes are. Just map would be a great help. Maybe the name of the place (because appearently the routes are on a couple of maps?) Maybe when you finally know its fine and all but why make this difficult, so everybody who starts out needs to study all this crap. In the game i dont get this info either as a standard feature. No button to see where you are riding on the map? Not even for other riders, just your own location. In the real world we have GPS as well so why i cannot get an overview here where i’m riding.