Provide More Information About A Selected Route

(Darren Smith) #1

When I pick a route from the drop-down list I would really like to see some basic information about what I am letting myself in for! If it showed my the kind of information from this page that would be great -

I am new to Zwift and find it a pain to have to research routes outside of the application.

This issue will obviously become more crucial for noobies as more routes and maps are added.

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Darren, 

I’m totally with you on this one! I’ll add your vote to already existing  request. Hopefully more people will think the same and we’ll put it on our radar soon :slight_smile:

Thank you! 


(luis velazco) #3

Any updates on when this will be added? I’m new to Zwift and I find it ridiculous that no information about the route is available in the app (iOS). This seems like a really basic thing. In terms of usability, having to do an additional lookup in a blog (of all things!) without an index is pretty bad.