Route badge and drops gone Haute Route

Hey there Zwift,

2 days in a row now, when I complete my ride and save it to put on strava, zwift shuts down immediately. Nothing set on Strava and nothing on my activities. When I restart Zwift I have the option to resume my activity. When I do that it saves it in the correct way but not the eventride. On Strava it shows like I just rode a route in France without an Event. My drops are also not collected after saving. Weird that i got the EXP from the routbe badges but not the routebadges itself. Anyone has the same struggles? Can somebody help me?

Looks like a good way to raise some additional EXP))

Hi @Wilbert_Tulner_AHDR welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at ZwiftHQ here. I looked at your logins over the past several days, and noticed logins on Apple TV (v. 1.0.55226) and iPhone (version 1.0.54684). These older versions of the game were known to have some bugs, particularly in France during an event.

Would you manually update both devices to the latest game version 1.0.55600 that addressed that bug specifically?

Please let us know if that clears it up? Thanks.

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Can’t he download the FIT files from and then upload files to Strava?