It would be really nice to have a roundabout like the desert ones at the jungle entrance to the new roads and alpe du zwift. This would make it easy to do laps of the desert and new roads as well as laps of the alpe. Routes could be created using the turns which should be a abit smaller than the desert ones.

I think this is a good shout. Considering how many people seem to go out and back in the desert I’m surprised they didn’t make the new roads work in a similar way.

Thinking about it, Zwift could make a few new out-and-back routes by adding roundabouts - such as “Sequoias & Sequoias” or “Epic KOM double bypass” (I like the Epic KOM bypass road but I’m not a big fan of any of the routes which go through it).

Good shout, i had similar thoughts first time i went on the new roads. So many people want to avoid the jungle a lot will uturn and go back.

Maybe some pens nearer the new roads as well would be nice.

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Avoiding the jungle is the exact reason I u-turn. Its fine downhill but doing uphill takes forever. Doing the new roads included with the desert is also far more interesting, I find the tempus fugit route so boring.

A roundabout is not a big ask either.