Create a tarmac bypass (tunnel) to Alpe du Zwift

Ever since the rolling resistance change has been implemented, riders on dirt sections are gradually decreasing.
Now a lot of riders avoid riding Jungle Circuit and Road To Ruins, the fact of which has been made clear by the 4w/kg pace partner.

Riding a dirt road is simply stressful and uninteresting with reduced speed and no additional fun.
This also made it a pain to reach Alpe du Zwift. Every time you need to reach the big climb you need to accept this punishment of riding unfairly slow. The climb which used to be fun is no longer fun thanks to the dirt roads.

To solve this unbearable stress, will you please create a tarmac bypass road to reach Alpe du Zwift? There has been construction of a tunnel for a long time which I believe is a road to the base of the Alpe.

The only thing I dont agree with in your statement is “riders on dirt sections are gradually decreasing” - we bailed after very early on when they slowed things down :grinning: :rofl:

Gets my vote for sure

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I think the only times I’ve been on the Jungle Loop this year have been when it was part of an event series so I couldn’t avoid it.

The easiest solution would be to put a start point at the base of the climb instead of at the turn-off to the Jungle.

How bad can it be as the dirt section is downhill to the Alpe.


Seriously it is only a few km/h slower and it is slower for everyone.

It is countered by the fast speed on tempus fugit.

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I simply use this part as a WU for the Alpe. Even at my pitiful W/kg it’s ~12 minutes to the base of the climb which is absolutely perfect. For me, the fun/pain of AdZ is not affected in the slightest because of the dirt roads.


Riding a relatively short amount of dirt road is apparently an “unbearable stress” now (while intentionally heading for the AdZ, which is apparently not an “unbearable stress”)?



think you fellas are missing the spirit in which the OP posted (at least I hope it was in jest :flushed:)