Rookie question regarding “World Selection”

I logged on to Zwift after getting a new surface pro tablet. I was able to run - but noticed that there was no area to select which “World” to run in — i.e. Watopia or London, etc. I’m fairly new to Zwift running; was this functionality removed? Also, I thought there were set courses for running (5k,10k,13.1…), not just “Workouts options”. Thanks in advance for any info/suggestions.

Nathan, welcome to Zwift. There is a box at the top center of your screen. On the left, it will say Watopia and it’s always available, on the right, it will list another world. (London, Richmond, NY, etc). Watopia is always available, the alternate world varies by a schedule.

Once you’ve chose your world, right below you can then select your route, and then select a training workout or just “Run” is also an option. Glad to answer any additional questions. - tom