Robopacer PB timing is completely wrong

On AdZ, I’ve noticed that the time gaps shown on the RHS console are always completely wrong when racing against your previous PB, often by as much as 100%.

In other words, as an example, it will say that you are 55 seconds up on your previous PB, but actually you are well over 2 minutes ahead.

I can’t quite work out what it’s doing to calculate the gap; it doesn’t seem to update particularly dynamically; neither is it updating at each checkpoint / switchback. Whatever it’s doing, the time gap is totally useless which is a shame as I’d really like to use it to see how I’m faring against my target time.

I was confused. Then I realised you meant HoloReplay, not Robopacer. :smile:

AH, sorry, I had no idea it was called that. Robo race, holo replay…sounds like something Arnie would have starred in during the late 80s.

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Think it may be the way Zwift calculates time gaps. It assumes both are doing 30kmh. If you are going slower than 30 (which you are up the Alpe !) it will underestimate time gap. I’m of course assuming it treats your Holoreplay the same as another rider.

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I have holo replays set to previous time only (not PB’s). So when I’m going around a route loop more than once, the route Holo will show me the time gap ahead or behind my last lap. As I’m approaching the end of a lap, I frequently have a quick look at my Holo position to note the time gap as I finish a route lap. When the new Holo starts off with my updated previous time, the difference compared to the time before is rarely the time gap I’ve just taken note of. It can be more or less, but I guess that’s the speed-based calculation noted above.