Discrepancies in time gaps

Since HoloReplays have been enabled for many segments a simple comparison w/ estimated completion time reveals significant differences. I rode Titans Grove KOM & Rooftop slower than my 90 days PR. When my HoloReplay has finished, the time gap shown in the Zwifters Nearby dialog is pretty off compared w/ the gap calculated from estimated completion time. Looks like both features do the same but run different formulas. Any intention to fix this? Currently the time gaps are obviously not trustworthy.

it’s probably all related to the time gaps in general on Zwift are not accurate. Gap times are based off distance and are widely out as soon as it you start hitting inclines.

It would be nice if Zwift could improve this to be more like the sauce time gaps which i’ve found to be pretty accurate.

I haven’t heard anything about improving how gaps are estimated