Road feel Tacx Neo 2 don't work in ERG mode

(Christian) #1

Since 2 weeks i have my Tacx Neo2 replacement for Neo1 now i haven’t the resistance problems i had before, but now roadfeel don’t work in Zwift :-\

My Tacx have latest firmware, when i disable ERG mode then road feel seems working, is this normal?

Some1 any idea?


(Lin) #2

In Zwift there is a setting to turn on/off road feel. Turn it on if you want this function to work.

If you are doing a workout in Zwift which uses ERG mode, there is no road feel which is normal.

(Christian) #3

thx, now it’s clear, i ride structured workouts imported from Training Peaks, i will test it the next time!


(C) #4

Did it work ?
I have a problem with ERG mode on the Neo 2 and Zwift where I can set ERG to 200w and push to over 600w


(Martin) #5

Make sure ERG mode is turned on in Zwift. There is a check box for that when you start the training. In ERG mode the trainer has a little delay to adjust itself if you change cadence so you can create power spikes for short durations, but it should not ne sustainable. After you increase cadence power raise and in a matter of a second or so the trainer will decrease the resistance accordingly and power will get back to target. If you do not see this behaviour ERG mode is not on. You can also turn ERG mode on and off with the Zwift companion app, you will see the switch when you run a workout.