Road feedback to Kickr delayed by +/- 1km


Yesterday I was riding the 10am CET TOW 3 longer stage and after a while I noticed that the world feedback to my Kickr was incorrect. When going uphill, Kickr was just keeping somewhat the same resistance. Later when going downhill, suddenly the resistance increased.

I paid extra attention to what was happening and focussing in when the resistance changed and noticed when going into and out of the tunnel that the delay was somewhat of a km after I passed the virtual up or downhill. Never had experienced anything like this.
I was just easy riding, but I would definitly not be liking this when in a race.

After the race was done I opened a new race in New York and after a while my bluetooth completely dropped out. I gave it a quits then.

Will try again today, but thought it be a good idea to report it here.

Hi Iztaak, I’m not sure about the 1km delay issue. I do sometimes have it where if feels like the resistance is reversed, usually loading up zwift again solves that.

As a side note, I find that bluetooth (whilst a little more stable) sends lower resistance to my trainer than ANT+. It still reads the power fine but, for instance, with bluetooth I can spin at 90 in 52-17 on the flat and it will only be putting enough resistance for about 100 watts. With ant+ that would be more like 180-200. I use ANT+ now for that reason so that I actually have the use of higher gears (rather than just having to ride in the smallest cogs all the time)

I experienced the same with my KICKR connected via Bluetooth today. It felt totally weird to have a -2% gradient on screen but a +5% feeling in the legs. Overall the power seems to be correct. Also sometimes Wattage in the ERG mode does not match. I’ve recognized this the first time after the last KICKR update.

Very similar story here. I had a couple of incidents yesterday on HSRL when the road was going downhill, it shows -2 and I breathe a sigh of relief, only to get some quite noticeable resistance while going down.

Thought it was just the state of my legs, but interesting to hear more comment about a similar experience. Mine was not on KICKR - it was an Elite Suito, via BT, just for interest sake.

Same thing here. Currently heading up to radio tower and for the first time I’m not looking forward to the way down. I’ve tried numerous fixes but next will try complete removal, reinstall and reboot of everything.

Mine felt fine yesterday again - incl up to the tower… and down.

check out this thread:

i had the same problem (kickr 2020), and rolling firmware back fixed it.