Bug Reports - Wahoo Kickr

A few things I noticed

The speed setting on the kickr is way off. I was going down a hill and it was getting steeper, I am pedaling harder, yet the speed was going down from 35 to 22mph

The resistance range stinks and I mean stinks! I have a 10x2 cassette and I am in the big ring whether it is -2% or 7% grade. I know a 7% grade should be the granny gear. I just don’t get the full gear range and elevation feeling that I get in all other apps

Bkool has this implemented perfectly and big hills require full shifting.

I was running Ant+ along with a Bluetooth adapter for my headphones from an intel NUC setup, each with USB extension cables. The sensors are like 2 feet from each other. No problem in bkool, so it must be a zwift thing

For what it’s worth,the devs have said they’re currently scaling the slope for playability. They said they’re considering putting in a realistic resistance mode in the future for those who want it.

I just think of it as virtual gearing. Those riding on a basic trainer effectively have a continuously variable transmission.

My Kickr feels pretty realistic. However if you lose ANT + signal connection the resistance on the Kickr will be the same no matter the gradient

I had the issue with (1) the other week on my kickr but it turned out to be issues with the ant+ connectivity so I got a USB extension which fixed the issue today.

Got this bug twice today, from not getting it at all for a month or so. Maybe the new update?