Riding with pace partner

When riding with a pace partner we get bonus ‘points’ but I don’t know where they go. Do they add to our ‘drops’ or to our points for our ‘level’? Just wondering. I’ve been a level 50 for about a couple of years and bonus points there would be pretty useless. Thanks in advance for any help here. Ride On!

Yes, it’s a Drops multiplier. So while you’re riding with a Pace Partner you’ll gain more Drops than if you were just free riding.

They don’t count for XP or level points.
They are even more useless.
As a level 50, you probably already have all the equipment you want and haven’t bought anything new for a while.
XP point s eventually will count for something.

Thanks for the responses guys. Much appreciated. Yeah, I have more than 20,000,000 drops. Some day when I have nothing better to do I may go on a shopping spree for things I don’t need or really even want.

When you reach Level 50 and own every item in the drop shop, you complete Zwift.

Then you vote for the feature request to have favourite items in the event.

authors note The above may not be true.

Here’s an article about Pace Partners though: All About Pace Partners Bots in Zwift | Zwift Insider