Increased Drops Bonus For Each Pace Partner Level

I really enjoy the pace partners in Zwift. I usually do 2 laps with B Brevet now I’m level 50 and have all the route badges. I just like Sand and Sequoias at a moments notice. My new motivation is to ride with the pace partners and try and get 2 back to back 2.0x bonuses. (I have 13.5mil already I don’t need drops;)

I then decided to try A. Anquetil for a little while just to mix things up. I really, really enjoyed it. I was working harder and started wondering why there was only 1.0x for a harder effort?

Now for the Feature Request. This is more for the new users that are just starting and would like to challenge themselves to increase their drops to purchase better bikes and/or wheels.

Starting Drop bonus
1.0x - D. Diesel (1-2.4 w/kg)
2.0x - C. Cadence (2.5-3.1 w/kg)
3.0x - B. Brevet (3.2-3.9 w/kg)
4.0x - A. Anquetil (4+ w/kg)

Increases like normal. i.e. B.Brevet 3.0x, 3.2x, 3.4x, 3.6x, 3.8x up to 4.0x and then back to 3.0x



I’d be happy if you select to ride with them at any time in game without having to select it from the start menu. I’d prefer to do a little warm up before having to hit 4 w/kg or use Dan as a warm down after a race without having to try and find him or save, exit and restart.