Riding speed drastically lower and trainer difficulty setting broken after update

Running Zwift ATV4K paired with an Elite Direto. Had trainer at ~50%.

My ATV4k auto-updated to the latest version with the steering overnight.

Didn’t try the steering, but I noticed right away three things this morning:

  1. My speed on the flats for the same power was a heck of a lot lower than usual. Could barely break 24km/hr at 180watts (about 2.6W/kg for me) on a long 0% grade flat. Normally that would have me at 32-33km/hr.
  2. My speed on hills was also dramatically lower. I’d be pulling 3.1W/kg or higher on a 3-5% grade, and people riding ~2W/kg would breeze right by me and be 30 seconds ahead after a minute or two, and they’d disappear into the distance. Riding the day before the update this was not happening.
  3. I tried setting my trainer difficult to 0% and my resistance would still be all over the place (up and down) as I went up and down hills. Zwift did not (or did only very slightly) reduce the resistance values it was sending to the Direto despite trainer difficulty being effectively shut off. This was working fine prior to the update.

My perceived effort at the reported wattages felt totally correct, my speed on the road just didn’t come close to what it should be for the watts.

Could it have something to do with rolling resistance: October 1 update: rolling resistance change for gravel roads?