Riding partners not showing on Strava

When I do a Zwift meetup with friends, the ride posted to Strava never shows me as riding with them. Does anyone know why this is and how to fix it?


What do you mean by ‘never shows me riding with them’? Do you mean in whatever ‘photo’ gets uploaded to Strava? Or just in the ‘Rode With’ area of Strava? If the latter, are you sure your friends are on Strava?

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When you ride with others in Strava it says “…rode with xx,xx,xx” on the dashboard and then those who rode together are linked by a light gray line. My friends I rode with all appear like this together but my ride appears separate on the dashboard.

There’s a privacy setting in Strava that controls activity grouping and its default was changed to prevent grouping at some point earlier this(?) year so that everybody has to turn it back on again. I think it’s this one:

Thanks, it was set to followers. I’ll try setting it to everyone and see if that works. It’s interesting though because it only seems to be Zwift group activities that don’t show, outdoor group rides have always shown.