Nobody rode with me in Zwift according to Strava

My Zwift rides are showing up on Strava but since January 12th it consistently shows me as not having ridden with anyone in the Strava iOS app.  In the web app the Flybys only include what look like Zwift runners and real world riders.  But there were tons of other Zwift riders (and surely many of them on Strava) across the various rides the last few days.  Anyone else experiencing this?  No big deal but it makes post-ride kudos impossible in Strava.

I’ve experienced the same issue.

Yes, none of the 180+ Zwifters on the group ride tonight are showing up in Strava.

Yes it is the same for me as well. Only four riders show up on flybys and the group was around 50 riders. This was on Zwift race.

Same for me as well. It shows no one from the group ride. I did a closed group ride tonight (where the other riders not in the group are not shown on the course) and the other people in my group don’t show up on the Strava flyby either. Only four people showed up on the flyby but they were all runners (I am a cyclist).

Last night I did a ride on my own (ie not a group ride) and others riders did show up on the fly-by.

Seems like the last time this worked was 11 Jan 2018 on London on the new Surrey Hills course. Real world rides still work properly.

Same here, however on Flyby it seems to only show runners.

Ditto.  Did 2 group rides since the 12th and nobody shows up except runners.  Also, did one recovery ride, ended up riding with a few people for a little while, but instead the only people who show up on fly-bys are a handful of runners and 2 cyclists whose routes and pace were quite dissimilar to mine.

I have similar problems, the Flyby show only runners.

Refer this FB post where Strava has disabled the Rode with function for virtual rides. Yet another reason for me cancelling my Premium membership recently.

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Strava just keeps getting worse… (((((((((((((

Some of the information from the facebook zwift riders group page about this issue:

“This was the response from Strava: Sorry for any confusion. We had to disable this functionality on virtual rides due to some scaling issues on our end. We’re not sure at this point when we’ll be able to turn this back on. I apologize for the inconvenience.”

“We hope to bring this feature back and appreciate your patience while we investigate possible solutions.”

So it looks like this is entirely a Strava issue and nothing to do with Zwift. It also seems Strava may bring it back but who knows how long that will take.

Similar issue since a few days. I’m the only rider, along with few runners. A bit annoying.

Same issues here…No biggy but anoying all the same.

I actually find this to be quite annoying! In many races and tough group rides on Zwift, I don’t have time to give kudos or a Ride On to the people around me. It was always nice to be able to go back after the ride and give kudos on Strava. I guess I’ll be forced to give Ride Ons while I’m actively racing. I’m sure this will slow me down some during the race. Quite annoying! I sure hope Strava fixes this oversight.

Agree, hope Strava sorts this out soon. Seems like Zwift and Strava have been working together more recently.

The sooner Strava sorts this problem out the better, they will start loosing premium acounts!

Same problem here. I wanted to ask one of the riders something in Strava after the ride but can’t find anyone I rode with. Seems to be the same problem with outdoor rides.