Strava flyby not working as it did since latest update / maintenance.

Strava flyby not working as it did since latest update / maintenance.

Seems you are correct

At my end I don’t see any other riders participating in Team ITA event this morning… I most certainly did before…

Been that way for a few days now :frowning: Is this Strava end or Zwift end?  Could be Strava withdrew the rode with feature for virtual rides?  Sincerely hope it’s just a temporary gremlin.

This is very sad and uncomfortable. ((((

I hope they fix it.

I just duplicated your post, sorry.  It’s been like this since January 12th for me.  I have the runners and real world riders (in London) in the Strava web flybys and nobody “rode with me” in the iOS Strava app.

Ditto, no PACK riders from activities.

There’s a post inside the thread I started stating that this is Strava’s doing (disabling “Rode with” for virtual rides.  There’s a link to a FB post about it, but I don’t use FB. 

 in FB: This was the response from Strava: Sorry for any confusion. We had to disable this functionality on virtual rides due to some scaling issues on our end. We’re not sure at this point when we’ll be able to turn this back on. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Strava just keeps getting worse… (((((((((((((


Thanks for the info. Another downgrade from Strava, what an earth are they doing with all that subscription money - another liquid lunch anyone?! Love segments but only make use of Fitness and Freshness on the premium side. Should look at the alternatives for that single feature and be done with it…