Rides Showing in Activity Feed but not Profile

Hey Everyone.

I need help…
When I finish my zwift rides and press save they always get sent to strava and show up in the activity feed of zwift. However when I press the ‘My Profile’ button, then ‘Activites’ they do not show up there.
Can anyone help me with this??


they are not showing up on strava or are not showing up on zwift?

check privacy settings in both apps.

They arent showing on zwift. They are sent to strava, and they are also on the zwift activity feed on the home page. The problem is that when I press ‘my profile’ on zwift and look at my activites that way, they arent there.

Out of curiosity, is your profile set to private? For me, after setting my profile to private, rides stopped appearing under my profile. Only the rides that I did before setting profile to private appear under my profile. Yet, all rides still appear under my activity feed. Very strange.

It was private. I’ve just changed it to public after reading your advice. They now appear there. Very strange Indeed.
Thank you for your help :slight_smile: