Riders disappears in races

Have an brand new PC with an Nvidia GTX 1650 graphic card. Win10 and all drivers updated.
In all races the other riders disappeares from the ride, they are “lost” in 3-5 seconds, and then reappeares. This happen 1-3 times pr minute. It doesn matter if there are a lot of riders, or just 2-3.
This happen in all races, havent testet in group rides or free riding.
Internt connection is great (100Mbit stable connection), and the problem is not there if I use an older PC in the same place.
Any suggestions ?

Chuck your zwift log files in to the zwiftalizer.com see if says anything


Hi @Dag_Odegardstuen welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Other avatars disappearing is a symptom of lag or some other network issue. Your download bandwidth is usually not the problem - WiFi issues are a common cause, and sometimes, latency issues between your ISP and Zwift’s servers. Please check speedtest.net against their Los Angeles server, and see what your Ping / latency numbers are.

As Ben suggested, uploading your log files from problematic sessions can show you where problems lie. Here’s how to find your log files.

I uploaded one of your partial logs and zwiftalizer indicates a network issue. Please upload the complete log file that’s on your computer and see what it says.

If your Speedtest ping numbers look good, I’d suspect a WiFi issue. Perhaps a simple reboot will clear it up.