Riders disappear and reappear; power response variable

Group riding with Maria D. Ohective: as steady a ride as possible. Several issues

  • Selected ride takes minutes to load. If I come out of the ride and re-load the same one, it’s very much faster

  • Sometimes I’m not dropped into the peloton, but way off the back; that’s when I cancel and re-load (see above)

  • Sometimes my power output (correctly listed on the screen) bears little relation to the action on the screen. Putting out more w/kg than Maria, I get dropped. Very occasionally, putting out less power yet move forwards

  • Sometimes all the riders disappear - but their bikes are still there! 2-3 seconds, then all re-appear.

I’d love to know what’s going on. Could it be just an inadequate internet connection speed?


Have you got an alternative device to try with Zwift (eg a tablet or a different laptop)? This sounds like more than just internet connection speed since you’ve got other issues occurring.

Is anyone else using the internet while you are on Zwift, eg streaming movies, etc?

Remember also Maria group is often quite large (100 riders or more) and you get a blocking/slowing effect in huge groups designed to slow down Robopacer groups so solo breakaways riders in races can win. Well, no, that’s not quite correct but that’s the effect it has.

Thats why it can seem so difficult to move forward yet if you were able to steer to outside you can pass them easily.

Also remember you get B grade riders joining Maria group frequently if it’s on Tempus Fugit or Tick Tock (the traditional favourite real flat courses).

Best to ride alone to test response to power.

When riders disappear but bikes remain, that’s usually an indication of CPU exhaustion. If riders and their bikes disappear, that’s usually a network problem. CPU exhaustion can also cause delays or interruptions to power numbers. So the question is what’s the equipment you’re using to run the game and how busy is it? If it’s a tablet or phone or Apple TV, which model is it? If it’s a PC or Mac, which CPU do you have and how much memory is in it?

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Thank you for your replies Chris and Paul.

Windows 10 on desktop Intel Celeron J4025 2GHz with 4 Gb RAM. It’s wired directly. The only other user is typically internet radio. I will be on Zwift and Youtube (watching Tour de France to alleviate the boredom). It does not seem to make much difference if I turn that off.

Chris, you talk of ‘steering’. Shows what I know, I have no idea how to do that, I must read up on it.

I try to stay as close to ‘Maria’ as possible, but the effort to do this varies wildly.

8GB RAM is the minimum for Zwift. The CPU is a slow mobile processor. The computer is the problem. Being in a large group of riders is more CPU intensive so you might try avoiding Maria and any events with a lot of riders, but the real solution is different hardware.

Thank you. It’s a reasonably recent purchase, never occurred to me that could be a problem. That I’m from an era where a megabyte was unimaginable doesn’t help :slight_smile:

I notice the OP is doing, recently, almost all their RP rides in Makuri/Neokyo. I believe that world is CPU intensive?

OP almost only ever rides with RP.

What is better on CPU - RP in Watopia with possibly more riders or RP in Makuri/Neokyo with possibly less riders?

Others will help you with your Computer/internet issues.

Regarding not being dropped in at your RP or possibly even falling behind an RP group you would have like to stay with read this article. It provides information how to very easily and quickly teleport back into your chosen RP group.

Since the last Watopia update, CPU demands there also went up, so I’m guessing the Watopia option with a lot more riders is probably more CPU intensive.

I built a used office PC into a Zwift machine that is adequate for about US$250. HP 280 G1 mini-tower, i3 4170 CPU, Nvidia 1050 Ti, cheap new power supply, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD. 1440p resolution and “Ultra” graphics profile in Zwift. This is not setting any records for lowest price of a Zwift PC (or best performance) but it gives you some idea what a cheap build for Zwift looks like.

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Only if your trainer device supports steering or you have Zwift Play controllers (or similar).

I tried simply turning off my Youtube Tour de France training companion. This had a very noticeable benefit, smoothing out the peloton - even though at 4Gb of memory I’m at half the memory Zwift recommends. Call now out to my local computer repair shop to see if I can upgrade memory.

Thanks for everyone’s help.

That ‘teleport’ thing looks like it may be useful, never would have imagined such a thing… :slight_smile:


Some browsers these days gobble up a a lot of memory. On macOS I have a utility to monitor what apps are using what RAM. Firefox takes lots of RAM at times. I have no shortage of ram but it’s interesting to watch what different apps use.

Depending on computer age, a lot of memory is very cheap now.