Riders disapearing

(. Peter TFC C) #1

Over the last week i have had probelms with other riders disapearing and jumping around. As far as i know there have been no changes to my netwrok or isp.

I have seen that i need a latency of less than 50ms, but i seem to be getting around 180ms, on wifi, cat 5 direct to the router and even via my mobile phone on 4g.

Is anybosy else havin problems?

(Vincent W.) #2

Hey Peter, have you tried doing a speed test with LA servers?

(Steve Copeland) #3

I have had this “argument” with the support guys at Zwift who initially tried to blame my network connection which is a 1gb Full Duplex fibre to desktop connection. My response times to my ISP are 4ms and I can hit LA servers in less than 50ms. You will see the issue appears when there are a lot of riders on the game and the servers are probably at max load. Expecting a connection time of under 50ms for the average European user is unrealistic and they need to start considering spending some of the massive price hike on diversifying the location of the server farms to better serve the growing European user base. WoW went through this in the early days when we started playing it. Now its lightening fast.