Network latency and riders disapearing

Recently (last two weeks) I have seen all riders disappearing on zwift and zwift support have noted that I have a high latency of 170ms from UK, which is above the target of 50ms.

I am based in the UK and noticed that it could be a routing issue at a peering point in London, [].

But I have also noticed using many different network latency tools (,, all of which use different starting points and ISP from around the world) show much higher latency than 50ms and wonder if this is an internet issue somewhere.

Can you post your ping time to zwift (ping and country, city and if you see the same problem.


I’m afraid that 50ms is totally unattainable for us, in Europe. Here you can find more info … Solve connection issues for European based users - European Based Servers

btw my ping is about 150-170ms and I can also see missing people all around …

When I ping that address the connection just times out.

Same here. From the east coast US, the ping to that address times out.

I have had years of no problems but in the last two weeks it has got so bad I cannot join a race or group ride.

I have contacted my ISP, but they were not much help. The delay (if that is the cause) is with a Telia router which is 2 hops past my ISP and hence they cannot do anything. Telia wont speak to me and the intermediary ISP wont speak to me either.

Sadly, I am not sure if I will continue with Zwift if this issue cannot be resolved.

As I mentioned above, I experience “latency problem” (missing riders) sometimes. Exceptionally, I’m alone in that beautiful world (mean no rider around me at all for some short period of time)… and in the next second the world is crowded again … yes, definitely some network issue … sometimes funny, sometimes not …

But honestly, I don’t care too much about this “problem” … nothing serious from my point of view … I can ride, my Kickr works as intended and I enjoy my ride. Well, missing riders may be annoying, but not so much serious to force me to leave Zwift at all (or even think about it) … just annoying detail :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that you are having fun.

223 riders are in this screen shot!

Every once in a while I see this effect from Zwift. I’m among a crowd of riders, and a a few (say, 5) will flicker in or out, or 100s will flicker in and out. A second or so before this screen shot, I saw a crowd of riders. 3 seconds later, I saw a crowd of riders. At this moment, Zwift only displayed 4 other riders. As I understand it, this does not happen because of latency possibly in my internet connection; too much latency would REMOVE ALL OTHER RIDERS from view. What I’ve seen a few times is some but not all other riders flicker in and out. This seems like it might be a Zwift issue in the servers or in the software.

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Southern England, latency 170ish
Really bad today during a (smallish field) race; in the end I just quit the race and turned off zwift
I haven’t had this for quite a while so zwift’ll get a few more chance with me but their higher prices come with higher expectations as far as I’m concerned

I’m unable to ping Zwift on either the original IP in the OP, via hostname or resolved IPs.

Usually being pingable would be turned off so I am not surprised.

Is there another way that you checked the latency to their servers?

Oh also I forgot to say that from the UK tonight connection with the game world was absolutely atrocious. I actually tried to ride with a friend for the first time, and it was impossible. They kept disappearing then being marked as 5km away. Multiple restarts later I gave up and did a canned workout.