Solve connection issues for European based users - European Based Servers

Hi All!

I love my Zwift, but I’ve been having connection related issues from the start. Drafting doesn’t work properly, riders are disappearing, etc. First, of course, I doubted my own system and started working on that, but I work in IT and I’m pretty sure there’s not too much I can improve still. Feel free to share some connection tips, but first hear me out!

Recently I stumbled across this knowledge article about what to do when riders are disappearing around you. The article states:

  • Do a speedtest. Below the Start Test button, select the change server option, choose a server in Los Angeles, then start the test. If your ping is higher than 50ms, you’re going to regularly see issues.

Since I live in the Netherlands, it’s impossible for me (or any European) to achieve a ping anywhere close to 50ms. Los Angeles is about 9000km away, so even light would take 60ms to travel back and forth between our locations. The internet is going to take a little longer of course, at least 100-180ms.

If Zwift were to host servers in Europe all our ping related issues would be solved! The servers are pretty full, so having multiple servers won’t lead to empty maps. Please Zwift, host some servers in Europe so we can enjoy the full Zwift experience too.

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Anyone know if the option of including zwift on European servers is being studied?


… same request here from UK based Zwifter … see my post Ping / latency issues