Riders cant see me in race

Other riders cant see my in zwift and i cant see my race position and my race doest count anywhere. Not on zwift or Zwiftpower.

In the comments there are some pictures to show you whats the problem.

Can anybody help?

Hello @Fredrik_Hindkjaer_DZ, I found you on the companion app and it appears you have been shadow banned. You’re user name says “Watopian in review” which means you have been flagged for whatever reason. Zwift won’t discuss it here on the public forums, and I would assume you have an email from Zwift explaining what happened.

Best course of action is search for the email, and contact support.

Sounds weird. I’ve never recieved a mail from them.

Can you send me a picture of it?

Search your spam folder? There’s usually an email. Or you can contact support and ask them the reason and how long they gave you a time-out. It’s typically related to some spicy chat that got reported by someone and Zwift decided it crossed the line.