Looks like i'm shadowbanned for the 3th times

Hello Zwift riders,

I am having trouble with Zwift I believe. I did a groupride earlier (with ranking) but I didn’t see my ranking in real time, I didn’t see everyone in the peloton in the right bar. And I did not appear in the final classification, and on ZPower it does not appear in my races.

So a few minutes later I went on a race to see if I saw my ranking and same problem … It didn’t show up.

Knowing that I was able to do a TT 2 days ago or I could see my ranking live and I have the result on Zpower (link below).

This morning in a meetup my friend could see me but tonight it’s like I’m shadowbanned …

Does anyone have an explanation ?

https ://www .zwiftpower.com/profile .php?z=3067236

PS: I never cheated on my power… and im not contacting Zwift because it’s taking at least 3 weeks to get an answer…

Why would you think you were banned and it not being a network issue?

Were you able to find out why you were banned the first two times? Can it be that the same thing happened.


I’m saying that because i was able to see everyone. Just no classification.
Nevers understood why i was banned on the others accounts.
Note that my account is only 1week old. And only done 1 race…

On zwiftpower check under “Unfiltered” if you are not in results.
If you are using a speed sensor (zwift-power) some races do not give finishing credit without a power meter (zwift academy races for example)
Or you are missing a heart-rate or finished in wrong category.


Do you mean you didnt see yourself in “Live” mode on ZP or rider list ranking?

What were the two events?

What do you mean Group ride with ranking?

I just checked the last event he did (EVO CC - finished a couple of hours ago) - even though according to his Zwift race result he didnt have HRM, he isnt listed in either filtered on unfiltered in ZP. Looks like he did whole event too as its recorded in Zwift with other riders.

I did the full event but i’m not appearing in “unflitred” catégorie…
I’m using a power Meter.
I did full event and never my ranking during the ride (on zwift, didn’t checked on zpower live).

Look in live tab;Zwift lost track of you at 3km

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