Rider included while not in race


I saw something odd. In the results on Zwiftpower of a race suddenly a rider was included (Sissi) who was not in the race. In the unfiltered list he also is not present, furthermore the rankings are different. The winner is suddenly fifth (and it’s not s prime race).

Link to event:
https ://zwiftpower.com/events.php?zid=1983477

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What am I missing ?

There was/is an issue with invisible riders? Could be related to this?

I heard about that (also that you can do it on purpose) but that would not explain the difference in ranking between unfiltered results and results page.

I think it was a timing issue of when you viewed the event in ZP - Sissi is in the unfiltered and Live lists. According to Strava, Sissi and rode with BZR team mates and complete event (complete fit file). Its likely that when you were initially looking, ZP was using live data but it has since processed fit files.

Off-topic … great user name!! :beers:

Odd. Still dont see him in the unfiltered list. Also did not see him in the race (finished 7th but now suddenly eighth). However, probably I’m just going crazy :slight_smile:

Thanks! Was also happy Zwift has a bike and beer outfit, which I aptly wear since day one.

Odd you still dont see him in the unfiltered.

Found this in someone’s Strava upload …

Ah 22nd. That I did not pay attention to! Then he was indeed in the race but a group further back (that never caught on). Still odd he is listed fourth as they never got back, but all results are off a bit it seems. As in results I’m also one and a half minute slower than I’m unfiltered. Still no idea what happened.

Thanks for screenshots though! I had tunnel vision regarding him competing :slight_smile:

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That comment got me curious so dug some more. First I thought “it must be points based” - nope.

Then looking at the Live tab, he finished 22 seconds behind you - really confused now.

But buried in the event description is:

And of course he dual recorded, as did a bunch of his BZR mates. You saw him “move up” because the organiser probably finalised results adjusting for the 90 seconds between your 1st and next viewing.

So I think its now all explainable. But geez, I wish it was beer time here, that was doing my head in.

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My ■■■! That explains but that’s just odd :slight_smile: Never would have figured that out… Thanks a lot! Never saw this rule before but we live and we learn!

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