Why am I missing from results?

I raced in the 1605 UK time 2.6 mile sprint by 3R and completed the race successfully but my result does not show on the Zwift Companion app or Zwift Power. It’s logged in Strava and Zwift Power activity but not in the results. I’m also not in any filtered out results either. Any ideas?

Did you race in the correct W/kg category? Some clubs remove people racing in the wrong category. Also some clubs don’t allow results from ZPower. Check the fine print from 3R racing.

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`Thanks for the reply
I used a Heart rate monitor and power meter so can’t be ZP. I was in my normal C cat and don’t appear in the filtered/DQ’d group on Zwift Power web site. Strange.

I wonder if this guy was in the same race as you, because he seems to have had a similar problem.


Could be.

I found that Zwift thinks I’m still riding or DNF but I have the FIT file from Zwift to show I finished. Yet I don’t appear in the results as they think I didn’t finish. Log files checked and no connection issues either.