Cloak of Invisibility bug - Kickr Bike

Riders are unable to see me in Zwift races. I can see all the other riders and can draft them, but not sure if they can draft me. My rider list often (but not always I think) shows me towards the end of the pack… not last place usually, but in the bottom 10%. Zwiftpower seems to have trouble finding me also - my ride shows up and I am ranked where I should be but it doesn’t calculate my power beyond the basic complete ride stats.

This would be a neat feature to have except for TTTs - my team can’t see me or (probably) draft from me.

This seems to be related to the steering update for the Kickr Bike. Ticket logged with Zwift but they have gone silent on me for over a week.

Are you sure something hasn’t crashed and is still limping along? Do you have the latest version of software? I would force quit apps on any devices you use, reboot, unplug everything and reset your modem and router. If nothing else this rules out issues on your side.

Thanks David… yes all these things have been checked… not my first time to this rodeo. Zwift have acknowledged there is a bug but have gone quiet since acknowledging.

I am intrigued to know what you think might be limping along… AppleTV is a self contained environment and things don’t really limp along on it… the Kickr Bike, similarly doesn’t have a limp mode. Regardless - software is up to date on the ATV, and the firmware is updated on the bike.

I now have a Stages Bike but was using a Saris H3. Many users were having fits with the H3 and ATV. One of the solutions was to force quit Zwift and unplug after each use. There must have been digital trash that wasn’t being collected properly. It seemed to work at least most of the time.

In another concurrent thread someone had Zwift open on a second device and it was causing them to be invisible. So standard operating procedure is to force quit any instance of Zwift after usage.

Do you have another device to run Zwift on? When still using the H3 I used to go to the pain cave with two devices to run Zwift on. I would try one if things didn’t work I would switch to the other. A major pain but beat sitting on the sideline.

Thanks David - but I don’t think the situations are comparable. We are talking about a known bug coming from the way Zwift implemented the steering and having knock on problems - not generally crappy code writing requiring reboots.

There’s lots of other threads on riders if Kickr bikes and Wattbikes being invisible to other users, ever since steering was enabled on the Kickr bike (and accidentally on the Wattbike too).

It actually might be comparable because the problems with the H3 seemed to have ended recently when someone said the problem was particular to the ATV. The issue had been on again off again since last April. Bad cases had resurfaced from the December update. IIRC

If you have another device, smart phone, tablet or capable computer I would certainly give one or all a try. JMHO

Hi Steve - yes I saw a bunch after posting… its a pain in the neck as bugs go… I just wish someone from Zwift would say something… its all well and good having a community forum, but what’s the point if nobody with actual answers responds! Particularly as they have gone quiet on the support ticket.

Indeed, I do sympathise, Dave. Zwift very rarely acknowledge even blindingly obvious bugs like this on here, which I simply don’t understand.

Im having the same problem since a few Events. Two TdZ stages and a WTRL race. I’m on Apple TV with a Elite Suito and a 4iiii Powermeter. Zwift shows at the back of the Field.

Edit: in other threads was written that this issue might be related to using a sterzo steering unit. But I don’t even own one. I just use my 4iiii power meter over my 4iiii viiiva hr belt as a Bluetooth bridge. Suito is connected as controllable device. Power, cadence and Hr are coming from the hr belt.

Disable steering until Zwift fixes it!

As for the Apple TV, I’ve never encountered a reason to reboot it in over 3yrs now aside from TV OS upgrades. However, you should force quit Zwift after each ride, not due to crappy code but do to it not being designed to be put in the background. Force quitting Zwift and the Companion app prevents/solves so many problems.