Rider list suggestions

(Alan Hamilton - MRC) #1

A couple of things from today’s ride:

Two riders popped onto the island at about the same time and both sat at 0.0 W/kg for many minutes. On the rider list their names flickered back and forth furiously for most of that time while they fought it out. If you add “dead zone” logic that only updates the rider list if one rider is more than X cm ahead/behind another the list would be much more stable.

Today was one of the few times when the rider list was full while I was riding. for a fair percentage of my ride there were up to as many as 4 riders pushing 0.0 W/kg on the list for several minutes. My suggestion is to not show them after X seconds of 0.0 W/kg to help keep the list as short as possible.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #2

Something went haywire with the AI server that caused this. The rider list would empty and the AIs would disappear. When ever the AI server went offline all the other riders would swerve towards the grass.

It went on for several minutes. Looked like the AI server was stuck in some kind of restart cycle. Eric M was on at the time so he saw it happen.

(Frode Vullum [V]) #3

Saw this issue as well