Rider doesn't move

Hello there, I’m riding only on Android Beta, there was no Update since it last worked but today when i join Zwift, my trainer connects normal, the Wattage and Cadence gets showed on the Screen but the Rider won’t move and the km and time doesn’t start counting. Need help. Thanks.

(I already
•restarted the trainer
•restarted Zwift several times
•reinstalled Zwift
•uninstalled ZwiftCompanion, just to make sure since they on the same device :smile:
•tried another Android Device)

Are you still on the trial?

I literally made a Mail to Zwift Support months ago telling them, that on Android the Trial keeps going forever, they answered me and told me, it is supposed to be that way because Android is in Beta and Users can use it for free. So basically i am not paying for zwift but i am not on any trial eighter. cheers

I’m not sure that is true anymore. I am going to tag @Vincent so he can look into the status of Zwift Android Beta and the trial.

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Ok thanks a lot! Have a nice week!

The Rider didn’t move because my Trial was over.
So just for other Android User i want to explain this, since i didn’t get warned or anything and all my progress from the last 3 Months is getting deleted if i’m not willing to pay now :frowning:
You can ride for free on Android with your account, for as long as you want, but as soon you log in on a windows or Mac, your trial starts in the background and stops you after 7 days even from riding on Android. The only reason i actually logged in to windows is to solve buggs on Android, because some of my trainings didn’t save, i had blackscreen and connection problems and i wanted to connect strava.
So if you using Android never go on a windows or your account is dead…


Your data will not get deleted if your trial expires or if you close/suspend your account, say over the summer months. Once you pay and start up again your data, levels and all other progress will be the same as when you stopped.

I know, but i want to keep riding on android and therefor i have to make a new account, because it can’t be merged. So basically my progress on the old account is lost for the new account. So only thing i can do is paying for Zwift or losing my progress. It’s not a big deal i know, but since i got promissed that i can ride Zwift on Android for free it’s still very unexpected and annoying. I hope you understand. Have a nice weekend.

My avatar won’t move despite being paying customer and using it for the last 5 months on my Btwin classic trainer. Freaking annoying wrote to Zwift and was given the all is fine, finally sorry we don’t support BTwin blah blah blah
Freaking irritating. Each time since software upgrades I’ve been resetting everything from software installations to hardware pairing