"Zwifting now" when I am not!

I haven’t Zwifted for a while but am setting up the systems to roll back into it. I use Windows 10 and a Samsung S10 android phone. I also use the preferences software.

I did a quick few minutes to test the gear, ANT batteries etc and all appears to work fine. I then noticed that there was no connections to my Garmin or Strava account. Checking my companion app it said I was still Zwifting - although I was not.

I deleted everything from my computers and phone. This includes the files and directories in the 'Documents>Zwift directories. I have manually rebooted my computer and phone and did a fresh install on one computer and my phone. I have not reinstalled preferences. I disconnected Strava and Garmin and reconnected them. I then started a ride for a few minutes and saved it. The companion app said I was still riding, and noting connected vis Strava or Garmin. I deleted the Zwift programme from my computer - so I ONLY had the companion on my phone and no Zwift programmes anywhere else - and it was telling me I was still riding.

The companion app has not told me I am not riding any more (after about 30 minutes of phantom recording the time (no distance though).

I have clean installed everything and removed all of the old directories/folders.

Any ideas anyone please?

Thanks in advance.

Do you have Zwift on any other devices?

Thanks for your reply.

I had Zwift on 2 Windows PCs and my phone. The phone only had the companion and the 2 PC’s the full Zwift versions.

I have removed everything from everywhere, including the old Zwift folders that are in the Documents folder. I Rebooted everything. fresh installed Loaded Zwift onto 1 PC and the companion onto the Samsung s10. re logged in and it still happens. The old, manual logs have all gone so there shouldn’t be any remnants of thinking that there is a ride in progress. The companion changes screen to show the ride - so I know that they are linked. Strava and Garmin connect have not registered anything. Latest downloads are being used for the app and phone app and the PC.

I am a little baffled but this was to test the links still worked because there is nothing worse than a ride not registering and no way of a manual upload.

I have not stopped my Zwift, Strava or Garmin Connect subs. I am paid on Zwift since 2017 (?) and Strava paid version about the same time. No signs of any hacking or activity I don’t recognise and I have full control of the logging in processes - just not thr rides at the moment.

Thanks in advance.

Quick update.

Looking at the manual upload advice, if something goes wrong, the advice is to ride a minimum of 1.6 miles or it doesn’t recognise the ride. I did a 1.7 mile test and it uploaded, and it uploaded to Strava and Garmin Connect as well.

Still seems a bit odd but I will test it on a longer ride tomorrow and see what happens.