Ride with Friend missing workaround

I’m really surprised that the “Ride with friend” is missing from this new home screen layout on my Mac. (To lose functionality for UI? As a 25 year veteran UX developer - I know first hand that one of the first laws of development is to not lose features for an early roll out. Tsk. Tsk.)

But, we’re avid Zwifters and have multiple bikes in a pain cave that we need this functionality to ride with each other. Whats the work around guys?

Maybe if you can change to unsupported language? I heard that this was a way to revert to the old main menu.

Otherwise you’ll be riding alone and doing a u-turn.

I asked if there was a roadmap to this missing function being added, no response to it.

The group I normally ride with is seriously impacted by this. They ride ADZ everyday and if someone is delayed it makes it difficult for them to catch up or the rest have to stop and wait.

The workaround used after this post is we both jumped into a Pace Partner ride - found each other and continued our ride after exceeding the 1/kg of Diesel.

The other option is a meetup + club rides until this is fixed.

Is this workaround possible?
I want to know if everyone is possible.