New Zwift Home Screen Update [April 2022]

Haven’t gotten mine either :sob: :sob: :sob:

They have raised fund a collected over $500+ million in total if I remember correctly. Subscriber’s fees probably go to paying those investors back.

Who cares if they sponsor L39ion of LA, help the Williams brothers collect a 6 figure paycheck while promoting Zwift in SOCAL/LA valley, probably one of the most unnecessary spots in the world for an online training game when your weather is that nice year round. Personally them helping (throwing cash) at women’s cycling is great and the women actually race hard on Zwift unlike most of the pro guys that don’t care about it.

Oh no, subscription fees just go towards convincing the next investors to pay even more. (But yeah, happy to pay mine just for the race-name-here Femmes avec Zwift division.)

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You don’t want it! My wife got it and its TERRIABLE, its a massive step backwards. I’m so happy with my older interface. I wonder if Zwift has any UX people?

Next week, maybe the new home screen will be expanded to German, Japanese, Spanish and French as well.Italian,Chinese and Korean haven’t been expanded yet, so maybe you can use these language settings to get an old home screen.
(If this doesn’t work, I’ll be a ghost again in my club.)

This UX is very low quality.But the worst thing is that the menu function is limited and forced.

The home screen development team that publishes this UX and asks for feedback seems to be a group of amateurs.It’s called feedback, but it’s just a bug check.I don’t think it’s been updated with months of feedback.

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How are those missing functions like “ride with” going?

Any ETA on those or a roadmap showing the rough dates and times of those going through the various stages of development and rollout?

Critical missing features (where you lost a function previously available) should be urgent priority. An upgrade shouldn’t downgrade functionality.


Still no new UI for me, my wife has had it over a month now

As far as I can see I am still using the old interface. EXCEPT my settings screen is different, and is ridiculously tiny. I can’t read it. Way out of scale compared to the other screens. (This was when I completed a workout and just saved the ride and went into settings to check them)

Change that Home Screen Scaling setting right in the middle, to make it larger.


If you zoom in, it’s currently set to medium. That’s not it.

It really is. Medium is too small for your display.

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Hi @Kiersten_Ko

One of our QA testers says that he had a similar thing happen on his mac with a 29" monitor. Would you try adjusting your Home Screen Scaling to Extra Large?

That XL should adjust the Settings menu without changing any other screens IF the rest of the home screen is the old version. Would you try that and let us know if that improves things for you?

Can my swipe cache thing be cleared again please? It’s gone all unpleasant again. :thinking:

What is the schedule for ATV users ?

Hopefully dead last when they’ve finished beta testing on all the other platforms.

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Update April 25

Starting today, we’re rolling out the new home screen UI to almost all PC and Mac users who’ve set their language preference to English. Thank you all for your patience!

There are some older integrated graphic processors that don’t run well with the new UI, and we’ve chosen to keep the classic home screen running on those machines until those issues have been resolved.


I don’t understand the last bit. Of course, most tech stuff confounds me. The home screen is a pretty static thing. What graphic processing (at least compared to riding thru Watopia) needs to occur that makes older units incapable?

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I went back to try and recreate the issue. It seems it is only like that when I have it plugged into my larger tv with an hdmi cable (which is how I usually ride). When I unplug the cable it is back to the larger settings screen. No changing the size on the screen. Plug in and it goes tiny again(without changing the actual setting screen size) but the background main screen stays the exact same. Which is interesting as when it’s tiny you can see more in the background. So it doesn’t change at all. And now I’m seeing more of the new log in page stuff than I was before. I can send you a video of you want. FWIW I always ride with it plugged into the tv via the hdmi and I am on a new MacBook Pro

It mashes the life out of the CPU and GPU. On integrated graphics those are the same, which isn’t especially pleasant for it.

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Since you’re on a mac - did the new home screen show up for you today? Wondering if the slider works at it should now that the the rest of the UI caught up with your Settings menu?