New Zwift Home Screen Update [April 2022]

It would be really appreciated by all if we could just get the new Home Screen. Very annoying to see updates containing new improved links and developments to something not all users are able to access.


Where did you get that from? It’s by user, not by country/language.

Totally agree with that. Not nice to officially advertise that with newsletters before everyone have it.

I am still on the old UI on my Win 10 PC. I did receive an email from Zwift yesterday evening introducing the new home screen so I am assuming that it will be rolled out to more users soon.

Somewhere in one of these home screen threads there was mention that the roll out was expanded from just English language to a few other languages. So technically it has been user/language based since the rollout started.

It’s in the OP.

Thank you everyone.
I found a way to revert to the old home screen.
I’m Japanese, but the language setting for ZWIFT was English.
After rebooting with a language setting other than English, I returned to the old home screen.
Set the language setting to English and reboot to return to the new home screen.


Language based is some way from being country-based.

Quote “The new home screen will begin a phased roll out to Zwifters on Windows and macOS who’ve selected German, Japanese, Spanish, or French as their UI language.” This suggests that the english version is stable enough to put the update through translation so it should be available to English speakers using Windows or macOS.

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“should be available” and “is available” are obviously not the same in this case… :slightly_smiling_face:

It would be nice if someone at Zwift would let us know what percentage of users in each available language though…

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Looks like it is time to learn Japanese.


Zwift never uses its social media platforms or subscriber email list for anything other than advertising. It leaves commentary on practical game matters to third parties like GP Lama and Zwift Insider. That way it has plausible deniability on any related matter. Personally I’d love to know how many subscriber dollars go toward sponsoring pro riders and events.


Yes, I can choose the home screen, so it’s worth learning Japanese :rofl:

I don’t know if everyone can do it, but the old home screen was available in English.

  1. Change language settings other than English and restart ZWIFT.
  2. Set the language setting to English on the pairing screen.
  3. Before exiting ZWIFT, reset the language setting to something other than English on the pairing screen.

Seems like Zwift is releasing the new home screen to everyone zoon. Just got the email:

"For most of us, home is where we end our journeys. In the next week, it’s where your Zwift adventure begins!

Navigating through Zwift is easier than ever. Once it’s active, take it for a test ride. Kick the tires, err, check the PSI, and let us know what you think. We hope it helps you have even more fun.

That’s the goal. Here at Zwift, we know that when you’re having fun, fitness, and form follow suit. "

I wonder if it’s still only going to be PC and Mac only though.

I think it’s still going to be mac and pc for now.

That’s the email I got when my PC profile got the new UI. I guess they trigger a send to each user when they get switched.

I’ve had the same email but no updated homescreen

edit : saying that, I had the email on Wednesday, haven’t been on since Tuesday so its possible I have it

edit 2 : just installed zwift on my works machine and still on the old homescreen

Another own goal by the Zwift marketing department :man_facepalming:

Just checked back and I too got the email on the same day I started seeing the new home screen.

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Received mine around midday my time on 18 March, booted up the PC when I got home, and found I had the new home screen.

I do notice a couple of differences in the text in mine, compared to that posted by @Aoi_Niigaki :
First para, second sentence =>
Mine: For the new home screen, it’s where adventure begins!
Aoi: In the next week, it’s where your Zwift adventure begins!

I noticed in GPLama’s recent video and somewhere in ZI this week (I think), an allusion to a big push to get the new home screen to a lot more people very soon. Maybe they are sending out emails en masse to everyone who will get it unlocked in the coming week?

Still haven’t gotten the new UI. No updates available for my zwift. Is the slow roll out still in progress?