Unable to Join a Friend For A Ride

I have been away from zwift for a while, and now that I am back, I can’t find a way to ride with a friend like I used to.
I don’t intend to schedule a meeting, what I want is when I join zwift, if a friend on mine is there, I would like to join him/her like I used to.

It’s missing from the ‘new’ home screen. They’re supposedly bringing it back, who knows when.

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zoooooooooon (^TM)?

If you own an Android device, the old home screen is still available on that platform

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Thank you for your answear

I own an iPhone

I’m not sure that’s the case anymore.

IPad Air 2 after update to 1.26.1 this morning

I’ve got the same as you, Ian, on both iPadOS and iOS (forked versions of the same software, apparently). The rollout of the new home screen UI to iOS and Android started 23 May to a “small group of users”, but there doesn’t seem to have been many more who have received it yet. Going by how long it took to reach the majority of PC users, I’d expect a wait of another 4 months or so.

I think the Android rollout is ahead of the iOS one.

On the iphone it works now, but on PC still the same GUI and I can’t :frowning:

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Unfortunately, in the latest updates, this item was removed (I don’t know what it is connected with) and it’s unknown when it will be returned, they wrote about it here. Therefore, we will wait for changes, as it was really useful.