Ride or Run in a Second Guest World

Zwift’s roads are getting busy. More and more people are logging in every day, going after those PRs, grinding away at workouts, and Zwifting together.

To improve your experience, we’re introducing a second guest world to your daily options - providing you with a total of three maps to choose from! More worlds means more tarmac to take on, day in and day out.

You must update your game app to use this feature. Be sure to give yourself 15 minutes before a time-sensitive event to allow your game to self-update. Releases for each OS platform will be rolling out over the next few days—keep an eye out and happy Zwifting!

Read more about how to explore and swap guest worlds.

UPDATE: As of Monday April 6 at 5pm California time / April 7 01:00 UTC, this update is available on all OS platforms.