Guest world schedule needs update

The legend on the guest world schedule at is missing France and Paris, and the calendar only indicates one of the guest worlds. Needs an update!

Yes. I’ve been a member for almost a year and no new routes have been added. Need to expand and keep Zwifters interested. With warm weather approaching and COVID starting to diminish-slowly at that, I need more variety and selection.

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France and Paris were added 8 months ago and Watopia had extensions added 3 months ago. Thats quick by Zwift standards :wink:

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It’s almost to the day a full year since the second guest world option was released, though. That’s missing from the schedule as well.

Yup, everyone’s right. The blog in general needs a refresh (so does this forum for that matter). I’ve relayed your comments to the team.

I guess I’ve not been a member that long. September last year and France and Paris were in the circuit. 8 months is a long time without adding additional sites IMO.

A lot of people would agree with you. I’ve recently taken to watching movies on non-race days. I’m not a tv/movie watched normally but it helps not get too bored with the environments.