Wrong World Schedule Routes for June 15th 2023

I was planing on riding NY today but instead of Makuri/NY as shown in the World Schedule for June 15th, I can see France/Paris as routes. Is the World Schedule for June wrong?

Looks like the in game schedule is wrong, but is correct on Zwift Insider.

I’ll let the person know that looks after the schedule. Sorry about that.

Might be too late but as a workaround, create a meetup on the Companion app (can be as soon as ~5mins later), or create a small fake workout and pick your NY route (quit the workout early if you wish to freeride).

So today I rode and ran in France but just now I looked at the calendar and it said today was Makuri/NYC, why is this (not that riding and running in France is a bad thing)
Note: I DID NOT do the world hack or a workout so I don’t know why and also this was in the morning (as I know that usually the schedule changes at around 9-11PM here in Idaho. Well, it was a good day in France anyway.


Sorry to bother you - not sure if it is your area but same problem has cropped up each month since:



And for September we have:


They haven’t gotten the World Schedule right for the last 3 to 4 months. I don’t; even look at it anymore. I just simply check the calendar posted by Zwiftinsider which is always the correct calendar.

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