Zwift companion app calendar not matching Zwift Calendar - Android - S20

Why is my Zwift Companion app calander on Android samsung s20 not the same as Zwift Calander on Zwift insider it seems its always a day or 2 behind. Any ideas my time zone is correct World Schedule on CA is not the the Zwift Insider calander is as per my Apple TV. everything on latest versions

Been around a while. I thought it had been sorted but possibly back again.

Hi @MIKE_GUIZZO, thanks for reporting this issue identified. I appreciate the support provided by attaching relevant threads related to this topic.

I want you to know that we’re aware of this known issue of mismatching the Zwift calendar is back in our current game release. However, we are currently working on fixing it.

We appreciate your patience while we get this sorted out.

In the meantime, you can check your calendar in the main app instead of Zwift Companion.

Thank you. Any ETA? Just wondering and thx for replying so promptly. Luv Zwift. Ride On