Route calendar off by 1 day [April 05, 204] [iOS and Android]

Looking at the companion app route calendar, today, April 4, should be France/Paris, but London/Yorkshire are available. This has been going on since at least last week. (France/Paris was available on Apr 2 & 3 instead of 3 & 4). I’m betting it was a leap year thing. Any chance it can be fixed?

Hi @P_eteJ, welcome to Forums. It’s Juan here from Zwift. I appreciate you taking the time to share your query with us.

I comprehend how confusing it is for you to see discrepancies in your route calendar. Don’t be discouraged. I’m here to help.

I moved toward my own account and confirmed that the pinned route for today is London-Yorkshire.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what you’re seeing? This way, we could drill down on this. Thanks in advance.

Hi Juan - Thanks for getting back to me. I’m attaching a screen shot showing what I’m seeing

When you look at the image, you’ll see that Monday and Tuesday were pink (Makuri/NYC), Wednesday and Thursday were dark blue (France/Paris), and Friday and Saturday were light blue (London/Yorkshire).

I appreciate any hints you can give.

This has been a bug on Android for many months. I think I first reported it back in November or December 2023?

in fact it goes further back into June 2023 as being reported.

Hi @P_eteJ . This is Juan again. Thanks for the screenshot. Info like this is always helpful.

Evidently, there is a mismatch. I’d like to thank @Mike_Rowe1 for the information shared. This is currently a known issue and an assessment will be performed. We are working on it. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

In the meantime, you can check your calendar in the main app instead of Zwift Companion.

Thanks, Juan!